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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A femilar place.

My gosh.
It's been soooo long since I've touch my blog! 
There's been too much happening in my life.
As I grow older the more complicated things get.
The more headaches I get! Ughh.
I found out that I own a leadership trait which my friend told me because she knows feng-shui.
Shocking right? haha!
I didn't know until my friends made me realize it.
Guess it's kinda true. *blush

I'm currently doing my second year in pre-U in a diploma program. 
Probably graduating next year.
So it's two more semester to go!
Time flies so fast!
I made friends and I lost some as well.
Learned new things and grow one step at a time.
It's a real roller coaster!

I'm stronger than before.
Ain't so shy like I used to be.
Braver to go out into the society and face people I don't know.
Because I met someone that gave me wisdom about life that I decided to change.
My mom claim that I'm a workaholic.
I like to take part-time jobs in roadshows or fairs.
Because I kinda enjoy working and earning my own money now.
Learning to be independent instead of leaning on my parents to give me cash to use.
When they say money doesn't grow on trees, I can understand why.
Money is hard to earn.
So I'm trying to minimize my monthly spending on clothes and girls stuff to save money.
Haha. I sound so old now.
For now this is just what I have to say.
Stay tune :)

The me now :)


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